About Us


A word from Loggerhead’s founder:

I have been developing children’s toys for over 20 years with hundreds of products created and sold at various retail stores. However, this product holds a very special place in my heart. It was created with my two sons while twirling our fidget spinners together on our couch (yes – dad too). During our fidgeting, we realized that our spinners were too plain looking, so we grabbed some stickers and markers and began to decorate them. The spinners looked great and my sons’ friends loved what they saw. We quickly realized that other kids might enjoy the opportunity to customize and decorate their spinners. With this in mind, we created some prototype covers that could snap into the arms of the spinners and thus Spinner Capz was born. While we are starting with only a few different kits, we plan to expand. Please feel free to share with us any ideas you have for other themes and kits – We would love to hear from you